Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blogging with Students

Last year, I created a blog requirement for my classes. I had no idea if it would be something that I would continue doing as a requirement or if I would let it go and try something different this year.  Well, I'm hooked and am excited to be planning for year #2 of blogging with my students. This year I want to involve video and podcasting! There's so much for this old dog to learn!

Entering year #23 of my career, there is an increased need to change with the times. It is my goal to use the technology available to us to share what we are doing in class and what my students are learning. The blog project satisfies that goal while also providing the students with a contemporary method of showcasing their work and ideas in a digital format.  I like looking at what my students have to say about what they are creating! I'm proud of them!

My repeat students will maintain their blogs as a continuation from year to year, so that at the end of their high school art experiences, they will have a document that shows their growth and evolution as a student artist, all in one place!

Here are a few links to some of my students' blogs from 2011-2012!

Kathleen D
Nikki D
Tara M
Caitlynne C
Helena V
Sammi S
Noa B