Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mid-Term Requirements

The Postcard Project: "50 Artists Everyone Should Know"

The postcard will be created during the class exam period. Students must come prepared to create their postcard inspired by, and written to, the artist they researched.  Click here to download the assignment and grading rubric.

See. Feel. Learn. Think. Create. Send.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2nd Marking Period Requirements

 Due by the end of class on January 24th
   Each item equals One Assignment Grade

- Pop Print
- Art x 3 Collage
- Fortune Cookie Book Page
- Enlargement of Drawing for your Painting

3 Blog Posts due by midnight January 22.
All 3 posts equal One Assignment Grade. Include photo(s) in each post.

• Pop Print
Discuss the process and the experience you had working on your Pop Prints. Explain your reasons behind the item you chose to reproduce, and your overall reaction to printing in mass-production.

• Art x 3
Discuss the process and the experiences you had working on something that you had to “let go” twice and the reactions you experienced working to finish something that you didn’t start. What life lesson did you take away from this experience?

• Fortune Cookie Inspired Book Page
Discuss the process and the experiences you had creating a book page inspired by a fortune cookie(s). How did you get your ideas from what you were given? Describe what your work represents.