Saturday, March 23, 2013

3rd Marking Period Requirements

In Class Assignments:
• In progress grade on Tea Set: April 12.

Blog Requirement:
• Writing Inspired by Images:  Short Story Blog Post Due by midnight April 8th.

Students will publish a piece of creative writing (short story) in a blog post that is inspired by a minimum of 3 photos of their choosing. 

The selected images will inspire ideas for character(s), setting, and plot. One picture must be a work by their previously researched artist and the other two will come from the students own image library.

Example Above: Character(s): Marilyns by Andy Warhol - Setting: The Space Needle - Plot: Ladder (an uphill climb)
The story will evolve from there.....starting with the pictures! Have fun!  Let the pictures expand the ideas not limit them. The images will not be literal illustrations of the story - they will be sparks.

Students must include the initial work of art and the 2 – 5 photos in the post along with the published story. (consider using pic stitch or some other collage making app to group your photos into a nice neat presentation.)
Complete List of Requirements & Evaluation Rubric

Sketch Requirement:
• Image Inspired by Writing: Book Page due at the end of class April 12th. 

Students will create a mixed media book page, illustrated sketch or graphic novel that is inspired by their short story blog post. 
The artwork will evolve from there.....starting with the words! 

Four days to work on it in class: April 9, 10, 11 and 12