Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrity Collaborations

Building off the theme "Celebrity", the students embarked on a collaborative art making adventure. Each student began a piece based on the theme, and worked on it for two class periods and then switched! And then the students worked on someone else's for two more class periods... and switched again!! The students had to resolve the piece that they received on the third rotation to call "their own".

Students did not work on a piece that was started by someone in the same class period and no one finished the piece they originally began. Here are some of our Art x 3 collaborations. Click here to see more student work. Read the post below to learn more about the assignment.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Art x 3 = U

All 95 of the Creative Arts students are currently participating in a collaborative art making experience around the theme: celebrity. Art x 3 = U will result in a collaborative work of art that is created by the combined aesthetic decisions and contributions of three different students who are known to each other only as a number.

As a reflective aspect of this assignment, students will comment on ONE of the following questions.

1. How does the media (television, internet, magazines etc...) influence what we do or who we become? 

2. Compare creating art in this collaborative way with how we respond to the media and pop culture in our everyday lives.

3. Is there any value in caring about things or people who don’t know or care about you?

4. Reflect on this collaborative activity and the emotions you experienced through the process. Describe any morals or life lessons that you can take from it.