Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1st Marking Period Requirements

• Assignments due at end of class on November 7th.
   1. Shoe Drawing
   2. Next President Collage (complete or in progress) 
• Blog Obligations due by midnight NOVEMBER 2nd.
You must have your welcome post written first. If you still have not “greeted” your audience, please do so before writing your other three posts.

3 POSTS AND THE TOPICS = One Assignment Grade
• Shoe Drawing
            Discuss the process, your progress and the experience you had working on your drawing. Include photos!
• Next President Collage (in progress or completed):
            Discuss the next president collage you are working on. Include Photos!  You may also discuss this election in general if you feel inclined to do so. This is not a requirement, but you can if you would like.
• Reflection on the Marking Period:
            Think about where you started (in your head and in your skills) and reflect on how you feel you have grown. Think about why you feel the way you feel and what your role in all of it is.

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