Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cut Paper Lanterns - Seasons in Light

We are starting a lesson where my students are being asked to design a paper lantern that is inspired by a season. I am having them approach it like a design challenge! Ya gotta love a good challenge!

In addition to their imagery (that will be cut from paper), the students must also design the lantern's structure - size, shape and style.  I want my students to consider design ideas for opacity, light flow, layers and sculptural properties.

As part of their research for design inspiration and possibilities, I am directing them to check out these artists who work with cut paper.

Prepare to be amazed.
Beatrice Coron
Peter Callesen
Bovey Lee - Work featured above
Kara Walker

Click here to see a bunch of artists who work with cut paper.

Beatrice Coron on TED talks.

I can't wait to see what my students create!

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