Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Andy Warhol...

Time Capsules, Pop Art and how we represent our culture through art...

Today we began our exploration of Andy Warhol, specifically his time capsules and Pop Art. We began a conversation about collections and what they represent of our history and culture. Why do we collect things? What types of things do we collect? What do these things say about us?

Andy Warhol used his time capsules, over 600 boxes filled with everyday ephemera, to keep things that he felt he could not throw away. Out of the Box at the Warhol Museum is a new exhibit which features Warhol's time capsules.  Time Capsule 21 is an online resource where the contents have been catalogued and can now be explored.

Other artists use the idea of collecting in their artwork. During this unit we will research and respond to their work, drawing inspiration for our own artwork and how it reflects our popular culture.

The new blog assignment has lists of both Collecting Artists and Pop Artists for your research, plus some questions to help complete your next post. 

More artist links for research:
Joseph Cornell       

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