Saturday, October 29, 2011

1st Marking Period Requirements

1. Blog Obligations due by midnight NOVEMBER 3.
Three Posts on the topics below: one assignment grade

• Fruit: (Pencil still life and/or colored pencil apple)
Discuss the process, your progress and the experience you have had working in pencil and/or colored pencil.

• Self-Portrait Progress:
Discuss the portrait you are currently working on.

• Reflect on the Marking Period:
Think about where you started (in your head and in your skills) and reflect on how you feel you have grown, changed or stayed the same. Think about why you feel the way you feel and what your role in all of it is. Also, think about if you
felt a “shift” – was there a moment when things felt different? If so, describe it.

2. Technology Sketch due at the end of class on NOVEMBER 7.
Quality sketch completed on the paper appropriate for your book: one assignment grade

All other grades for in-class work have already been recorded.

Want to be inspired? Look at these student blogs!
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