Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week of Respect

Beginning this October, New Jersey is requiring its schools, students and faculty to engage in and acknowledge an annual Week of Respect. In an effort to provide the contemplation that this state-wide initiative is asking of us as citizens, I would like you, my students, to reflect on the concept of respect.

Let’s first consider the reality that many people write, speak and sing about respect (all creative and artistic efforts) - but yet, we as humans do not necessarily honor it in or offer it to each other very graciously.

Please compose a written comment on this post to the following questions:
1. How is your respect for something or someone best communicated: through actions or words?

2. Who deserves to be treated respectfully (everyone or just a few)? Elaborate on your reasons why.

Your comments must be posted by 3pm on Monday October 10.


  1. Respect can best be shown by actions. When someone asks you to do something or to stop doing something, you need to respect their wishes and listen to them.
    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no matter what you think of them. Even if you hate a person, you still need to respect them and not act badly towards them or they will do the same. By showing respect towards even your enemies, you can display higher character. People will respect you more.
    Also, adults and people of authority need to be treated very respectfully. They can't be treated like friends and you have to realize that they are older and have had more experience in life than you. Everyone has feelings, so you should treat everyone how you would want to be treated.

  2. In reality, everyone should be treated with respect, but there is a possibility for someone to lose the respect you have for them. There has to be a really extremely bad act, like committing a dangerous crime, to lose respect.

    Respect can be shown through by the little things you do as well as the big things. For example, if there is someone who has no friends to talk to, and you are chatting with your group of friends, you should try to get them to join you. Sometimes it is easier said then done, but as long as you show them you respect them, there will be that feeling of satisfaction of how you made someone feel happier.

    If we all respect each other, then more people will have a confidence in them.

  3. Though respect in any form is beneficial and constructive, I personally find it better to show respect through actions. Words can sometimes be superficial and not as powerful as actions. It's more meaningful to take the time to do something kind for someone else instead of simply saying something.

    I believe that everyone should be treated with respect, whether or not they truly deserve it. Acting disrespectful, or even cruel, towards someone who treats YOU that way only encourages that behavoir, and starts a vicious cycle. The greatest thing anyone can do is just simply show respect; every small action counts.

  4. I believe respect is shown best through action. Just saying something can be empty and not mean anything, where as an action is something people can tell you fully meant to do.

    I believe that everyone should be treated with respect, there are people in this world that one will hate or completely despise, but you should still be respectful towards them otherwise it just makes you seem like a jerk

  5. Respect is best communicated through actions. If you say that you respect someone or something, others don’t really know if you’re telling the truth or not. If you show that you respect that person or thing, everyone will know.
    Everyone should be treated respectfully because when you do that, other people will see what you’re doing and take inspiration from that and respect others. It will just continue on from there, then hopefully everyone will respect others.

  6. I think respect is communicated best through actions. Talking about respect is completely different than preforming an act of respect. Acting respectful to anyone or anything shows that you truly are trying to show respect, instead of just saying you are.

    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. The golden rule is treat others as you want to be treated, and for mostly anyone this means to be treated with respect. If the whole world lived by the golden rule, we would be living in a very different but better place. Just treating those around you with respect gets you a step closer to a better world.

  7. I think respect for someone/something is better shown through actions, more so than words. Words can mean anything and nothing, but if you actually get out there and do something; being kind to others, helping someone, shows a lot more then simply telling them something.

    I believe that everyone should be treated respectfully, even people that you may not be too fond of. Because in the end, it doesn't really matter whether or not you're friends or if you even like that person. Respect is there to show that you can be the better person and treat them the same you'd want to be treated.

  8. I think respect is best shown by actions. Words can be vague and meaningless at some points; they can be said but not have any impact or meaning. Going out and actually doing something can best show your respect for someone/something.

    In my opinion, everyone deserves respect. Whether you like the person or not, they still deserve respect. Who knows? Maybe if you give them respect it will create a better relationship with that person. Treat others the way you want to be treated. The Golden Rule is the most efficient way to show someone respect.

  9. Personally, i show my respect for people and things through actions. Sometimes wrong phrases may slip out and be interpreted differently then they were meant to be. But through actions you can show that person how you truly respect them. By helping someone carry something or giving them a ride somewhere you can show them through your actions how much you care and respect them.

    i believe that everyone deserves to be treated respectfully. Even if that person doesn't treat you very well. There may be a reason why their being mean and you should just respect that and ignore their rude action or words. All adults especially deserve to be treated with respect because they are above you and although it may not seem like it at times, they always want whats best.

  10. Almost everything is more meaningful when shown through actions. Words are often misleading and empty, while actions are clear and easy to understand. It is more genuine to put forth the effort in action than to simply talk in a meaningless way.

    Everyone honestly deserves respect, even if their background, history or what they believe in is different. A lot of times people are seen for what they have done instead of who they are, but a person is a person no matter what the circumstances.

  11. I think that respect can be shown easier through actions. The reason I say this is because the smallest thing such as holding a door for someone can make someone feel respected. If you were trying to show respect through words that would be easy too but there is more to prove with actions.

    Everyone deserves the same amount of respect, even though most people don't give everyone the same amount of respect to each and every person, but thats how it should be.

  12. In my opinion, respect is efficiently shown through actions. Words aren't as powerful as actions and actions show that you will go that extra mile is showing someone that you care. Sometimes, words are misunderstood but actions are very clear when shown.

    Everyone should be treated with respect. No matter what they have done, or what they have said, they are human. We all make mistakes but that doesn't mean the respect for one another disappears.

  13. Respect can be shown in so many different ways. The best way I believe respect should be communicated is through actions. Words can be misunderstood and come out wrong. One slip of the tongue and in the efforts of you trying to be respectful it comes out disrespectful.
    Actions are more powerful. They take effort and meaning. When someone see's that you took the time out of you day to help them out, it goes so much further than a simple hello.

    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. It doesn't matter what your race is, your religion, what you believe in, people need to show each other that they care. Respect is hard to come across these days. I believe that people think it's easy to respect, that they don't have to try. The thing is respect can be the hardest thing the acheive. It can be done though.

    Listen, it's okay to make mistakes, to disrespect someone. As long as you apologize and understand what you did.

    Respect is in everyone, we just have to find it.

  14. Respect can be demonstrated in so many ways, but actions and words would have to be the most clear and easy to interpret. Actions may be more of an impact to someone, whether it's a simple wave, or even a hug to say hello and that you care. Words are more difficult to express sometimes because people may take what your saying in the opposite direction of your intentions. This goes especially for when writing through the internet, texting, etc...

    Everyone deserves to be respected, but I think only a few truly appreciate it and understand the meaning of it. For example, if you are a rude person, and you don't show respect to anyone else, why should you expect to get respect in return?? Again, I believe everyone deserves respect, but if you don't give it out to others, you can't expect it back from them.

  15. When I show respect for someone, I usually show it through my actions. I will give my full attention to those I respect. I will take those people seriously, and listen to them. I won't hesitate to stand up for someone I respect.

    The people who truly deserve respect, in my opinion, are those who will treat you with respect. If someone isn't respecting me, I don't have a reason to treat him or her with respect. I would love it if we all would treating each other kindly, but unfortunately, it doesn't happen.

  16. My opinion on respect is that it's best communicated through actions. Respect is the basis for civility, for politeness, and for consideration toward others. You can show people that you respect them better by doing it then saying it. You must give respect to earn respect.

    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, even if you don't like the person or if they are different ;everyone deserves to be treated equally. Respect is the building block of civilization. Without it, we are not civilized.

  17. Respect is equally shown through words as it is actions. While actions can be more clear and direct, words can be interpreted and just as effective. There is no right or wrong way to show respect, as long as the point gets across.

    I would like to believe that everyone receives the respect that they deserve. Unfortunately individuals do not. The ones who deserve the most respect is those who give it not only to their teachers or adults, but consider their peers also. In my opinion it is difficult to fully respect someone who is disrespectful to others, and is aware of it. We may all believe that everyone deserves the same amount of respect, but it sadly doesn't work out that way.

  18. Respect is best communicated through both actions and words. There should be no limit on being respectful towards someone. You need to show people respect and you should always speak respectively towards others.
    If everyone showed respect everyone would deserve respect. Although it is nice to think that everyone should be treated respectively regardless of their actions, that't not always the way it is. I believe that you should always be respectful towards people unless they have given you a reason to treat them otherwise.

  19. im my personal opinion i think that respect is shown better through actions. they are clear and effective to others. words can be misinterpreted and could cause problems.

    i believe that everyone should receive respect. everyone should look at it from a different prospective. they should look at the way the other person feels when they are disrespecting them. is that the way they want to be treated? are they being fair? no,and not everyone agrees with the way i see it, i dont find it fair to those people. but like i said i believe that everyone should give and receive that same amount of respect they would like in return.

  20. Showing respect for someone can clearly be shown through actions. Words are taken differently by everyone and aren't as compelling. Actions will definitely have more of an impact on someone and really show how much you respect them.

    Anyone & everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Unfortunately in this day and age, that's not the way it happens. No matter anyone's past, race, religion, age, etc, that person deserves respect. Despite how other people treat others, I always try my best to respect everyone. I must admit it is very difficult to do so if they are not respecting me back.

    Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized.
    - Albert Einstein

  21. Respect is best communicated through actions. Respect is giving consideration, understanding, and attentiveness to everyone and anyone whether you side with what they're speaking of or not. Whether it simply requires listening in silence or a friendly considerable rebuttal.

    Ultimately, everyone deserves to be treated respectfully, but it's often hard to pay respect to someone you consider to be of equal or lesser value to yourself. Respect in whole needs to be worked on so that it applies to everyone, and not just to teachers or parents as it is often conveyed.

  22. Respect can be shown better through actions. Actions are stronger then words and it takes a respectful person to actually do something rather then just say something.

    Everyone deserves respect. If you dont respect a person it is equal to saying you dont consider them a person. Even if you dont respect them as much as you might respect someone else, it is still something you should do and show either through actions or words.

  23. I believe respect is shown through actions. Respect is given to someone when they show that they deserve it. In order to gain respect you have to give it and that is through actions.

    I belive everyone deserves respect. If you only respect the people you know and the people that you think deserve respect,then how are you supposed to be respected. Everyone should be able to have the gift of being respected and should not take the ability to be respected for granted. Everyone should show respect whether its through actions or words, it should always be given.

  24. my respect for someone is best communicated through actions because sometimes its not enough to tell someone something through words, you've got to communicate it to them through actions to make them truly understand how much you respect and care about them.

    everyone deserves to be respected because if you're not nice to people then they probably wont be nice back towards you.

  25. Respect is best communicated through actions. To have respect for someone is to be able to regard what someone has to say while giving your full attention to the person whether you agree or disagree with the circumstances.
    Pushing away your thoughts and opinions about a person, respect is to be given towards everyone. Most people find it difficult to show respect to others who might have different values and believes then you. Respect should be given not only towards coach’s teachers and parents but children of all ages.

  26. Respect can be presented through words or action. However, I believe through action is when respect is displayed strongest. But whether it be something said or done, respect should always be given in order to receive back.

    Everyone and everything has the right to be treated respectfully. There is no "few", no certain person that shouldn't receive the same amount of respect as anyone or anything else in this world. Respect is treating others the way you'd like to be treated. Whether it is a person, an animal, or even an object! Respect shall always be given, equally.

  27. Actions speak louder than words, and in this case, respect can be demonstrated by words and actions. People tend to think that they deserve respect whether they give it or not. This belief is incorrect because you only give what you put out.

    Everyone deserves to be respected. Except for when they do not show respect to others, like they should. Although, if a person is being disrespectful, it is up to the other person to be more mature and forgive and forget. Thus, everyone has the right to be respected.

  28. Have been taught my entire life that actions speak louder than words, and over and over again it has been proven true. People who preach about respecting everyone will often talk about people behind there backs etc. Words are limitless, anyone can say anything, but actions hold power and show true characters.
    Many say that they only respect those whom give them respect. But maybe the other people are saying the same thing. So yes everyone should do there best to respect everyone. This doesn't mean letting people walk all over you or be rude to you, but it means you will never lower your selves to their level.